Super Arch Building System

This Super Arch building system was developed with the highest technical and quality specifications to allow for an maximum arch of 36m. It consists of the panel forming unit, the hydraulic shear cutting device, the panel curving unit, diesel engine, hydraulic control system, receiving tables for flat and curved panels, 3 ½ ton decoiler,  2 manual seamers, hand scissors (for cutting sheet coil). All parts are mounted on a trailer, making it very flexible to work at the job site.


Technical Specification

Assembly dimensions: 7.50m x 2.30m x 0.85m
Total weight:  about 9500kg
Control system: Hydraulic control
Turbo Diesel Engine: 47-51 HP
Dual Hydraulic Pump
200 liter hydraulic system, with manual valves
A hydraulic drive motor for the main panel former
Three curved hydraulic motors (two assistants and one principal)
Shear: Hydraulic 2-piston
Material of rollers: 4140 steel , hard chrome coated
Material of roller shafts:  4140 steel ,  2.6"diameter
Blade Material: C4000
Forming stations:  13 auxiliary stations
Material: Galvanized steel or pre-painted steel, high tension, elastic limit of not less than 280MPa, 914mm wide, 0.6 - 1.7 mm in thickness, 24-16 gauge, according to AISI standards.
Approximate speed: 12 meters / min.
Arch maximum: 36 m


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